The 15 Best Places to visit in Idaho

Nothing beats Idaho Falls when it comes to nature, culture, and business. This vibrant city is home to a plethora of incredible sights, one-of-a-kind experiences, and a burgeoning culinary scene. If you want to explore this charming community along the Snake River, you should be prepared. Continue reading to learn about the Best Places to See in Idaho Falls, ID.

Plan a trip to this beautiful city in Idaho and spend your days here!

15 Best Places to visit in Idaho

1. Eagle Rock Fountain

The Eagle Rock Fountain, which opened in 2006, is a massive fountain and a work of art. It is a popular tourist destination and landmark in Idaho Falls. Take a photo with this incredible sculpture, known as “The Protector,” to remember your visit to Idaho. Beautiful flowers surround the statue in the summer, and it has a snowy touch in the winter. The sculpture features two eagles flying across a rocky cliff with streams of water pouring down and a lion sculpture at the base. One of the most beautiful sights in the city, this is a stunning display of skilled craftsmanship.

2. ARTitorium on Broadway

For families, the ARTitorium on Broadway is a must-see. In downtown Idaho Falls, it provides art education, interactive displays, family art nights, art contests with cool prizes, special times for toddlers, parent playdates, scavenger hunts, and a variety of other events and programmes. To engage children in creative play, this facility includes a green screen, arts and crafts, and a stop-motion animation station. The center’s approach to combining art and technology is novel. The centre also offers take-home art kits with a variety of monthly projects. Private sessions with an art teacher can also be groups.

3. Melaleuca Field

The local minor league baseball team plays at Idaho Falls’ award-winning baseball stadium. Melaleuca Field has 3,400 seats, a picnic area, luxury suites, natural grass grounds, and a souvenir shop. For your convenience, I’ve included some background information. It was before known as McDermott Stadium. The renovation cost millions of dollars, and the names of the donors are on plaques. If you enjoy baseball, don’t miss out on this opportunity because baseball is one of the best things to do in Idaho. The stadium also sells a variety of snacks.

4. Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park

Your family will have a great time at the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park! The zoo contains a wide variety of animals, including both native and exotic species such as lions, macaws, and zebras. The animals’ various sounds can be heard, including singing New Guinea dogs and laughing kookaburras. Their many exhibits will transport you around the world. You can interact with the penguins up close for 15 minutes also to the admission fee. They also offer a “Meet a Zookeeper” programme where you can observe them feeding various animals. There is also a children’s zoo where you can feed and pet sheep and other adorable animals.

5. Map Rock Petroglyphs Historic District

Petroglyphs are inscriptions on the rock rather than painted inscriptions. Native Americans are to have created these rock inscriptions. These markings could be the world’s oldest maps, depicting the Snake River Valley. These could be works of art as well. This is also an important spiritual site for Native Americans. You can also go hiking, sightseeing, or birdwatching to enjoy the surrounding nature. This should be one of your top choices if you enjoy history!

6. Black Cliffs Rock Climbing

The location is open throughout the year and is rarely crowded. Climbing rocks can be a fun challenge for climbers of all skill levels. Climbing is possible using a variety of hand and foot holds. The cliffs offer routes of varying difficulty depending on your skill level. You might come across some spider friends on your way to the top. Bring the Boise Climbs guidebook with you because it is useful to many rock climbers. Rock climbing is one of the most thrilling activities in Idaho, so come to the cliffs for an unforgettable experience.

7. Hiawatha Mountain Bike and Hike Trail

The Hiawatha Mountain Bike and Hike Trail appears to be straight out of a fairy tale! Viewing the surrounding areas while travelling the “Hall of Fame” trail will take your breath away. The facility rents bikes and there is also a bike patrol if you need help. On the trails, you can also bike through tunnel-like caves. If you get too tired, a shuttle will take you back to where you started. Rare birds and signs with local history information can be along the trails.

8. Idaho Falls River Walk – Greenbelt Trail

The 5-mile Idaho Falls River Walk – Greenbelt Trail offers breathtaking views of Idaho Falls and the natural beauty that surrounds it. The area hosts a variety of events and facilities, including the Farmers Market, festivals, competitions, and playgrounds. The site also doubles as a viewing area for fireworks. There’s also the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho and a few restaurants nearby. Boating and fishing are two other activities that can be on the water.

9. City of Rocks National Reserve

A wide variety of wildlife can be in the City of Rocks National Reserve. Make the visitor information centre your first stop so that they can answer any questions you might have. It’s possible that the park contains venomous snakes, so make sure you have the necessary information. Souvenirs are also available at the centre.  Native Americans would hunt buffalo here. Coyotes, bison, toads, owls, and hawks are among the other animals that can be here. There is also a lot of plant life, and there are flowers in a variety of colors.

10. Boise Art Glass

This beautiful owned art gallery in the state’s capital features blown glass art and items with a spectacular array of colours. Arrive in and learn a brand-new skill! Boise Art Glass offers glass-blowing classes with excellent teachers to anyone aged 8 and up. You can also watch live demonstrations and rent equipment. The teachers are well-known for their friendliness and talent. The gallery sells beautiful items that will add a splash of colour to your home or office. 

11. Sun Valley Museum of Art

The museum’s collection includes works by both emerging and established artists. They welcome writers, artists, and performers who want to build a creative community. Acting and relatives art trainings are also available at the exhibition. These encounters will help you connect with your inner artist. You’re sure to find something of interest with thousands of visitors and many free programmes. To help alleviate any language issues, the exhibition also provides free art classes in English and Spanish.

12. Swan Falls Dam

Swan Falls Dam comes in two varieties: old and new. The new one now serves as a hydroelectric dam. The old dam is now used as a museum. This is an intriguing location for spending time with family. You can schedule a tour of the museum to learn about hydroelectricity and see the various levels of the dam. This is an excellent place to reconnect with nature, as are many other Idaho attractions. The dam is on the Snake River and is vibrant canyons. On the river, canoeing and fishing are permitted. Walking and driving trails, as well as camping and picnic areas, are available. Bring binoculars for birdwatching and sightseeing.

13. Children’s Museum Of Idaho

The Children’s Museum of Idaho is a must-see for families with children. Visitors are to leave their electronic devices at home and immerse themselves in the imaginative world of play, which is one of the best Idaho attractions. This will be a wonderful treat for your kids! an astronaut travelling inside a spaceship, a pilot flying a plane, a bank teller, a palaeontologist excavating a dinosaur dig, cave explorers, a gourmet chef cooking dishes, and many other things.

14. The Butterfly Haven

The Dragonfly Haven is the biggest butterfly residence in the state and is relatives. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Because of the butterflies’ migration patterns, they are only open for a part of the year, so make sure to stop by before they close. This is a lovely butterfly garden, complete with flowers and birds in bloom. There are many spectacular sights to see. The hosts are well-known for their incredible and in-depth knowledge.

15. Idaho Black History Museum

Unfortunately, Idaho’s Black history and culture unappreciated, but they should be! The Idaho Black History Museum is the first of its kind in the state. On the outskirts of Julia Davis Park, this small museum houses artefacts and photographs depicting Black slaves, workers, activists, politicians, teachers, athletes, and artists. The museum also hosts lectures, films, and workshops to engage the community. Paintings and a large, spectacular mural depicting famous Black people are also on display at the museum.

The land of Idaho is fantastic for your vacation and enjoy your days here!


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