13 Top Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vega is one of the finest places in the United States. You can plan a trip to Las Vegas which is popular as the casino haven. The city offers to be the best place to go with your friends to have a blast. The city is packed with tons of places to visit in Las Vegas. Adore various beautiful and fun destinations that will offer you something.

Lists of 13 Top Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

1. Bellagio Casino & Fountain Show

The Bellagio is a spectacular resort that houses several restaurants as well as a spa and salon. This site has several gems concealed away in its corridors. Lots of visitors come to find the Gallery of Fine Arts, visit the Botanical Gardens, or wander around the Conservatory here. The famous place is one of the biggest Las Vegas tourist attractions. You can come here to see the beautiful fountain, another famous feature. You can find every fifteen or so minutes, this stunning fountain goes off with a beautiful showcase of water along with a music set.

2. High Roller Ferris Wheel

This site is the perfect destination to do a ride on a Ferris wheel in Sin City. This site is located at the Linq Promenade. You can find this wheel is the icon of the city standing at 550 feet high. Capture the observation wheel that gives a full panoramic view of the city. You can also plan a trip to the most famous destination, the Strip. Enjoy one full rotation that will take about 30 minutes. Adore the stunning capsules or cabins that usually have around thirty to forty people, each.

3. Hoover Dam

This famous dam is the most magnificent. The dam has been built on the Colorado River. This river houses Lake Mead, the largest water reservoir in the country. You can find this dam was built in 1935. Also, providing electricity to three different states that are Nevada, California, and Arizona. This place also adds Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. You can visit these additional dams. Hire a helicopter ride to capture the aerial views of the city along with those of the beautiful Grand Canyon.

4. Stratosphere

This site is another entry on places of interest in Las Vegas. You can find this site the beautiful Stratosphere Tower. This site is located at a height of almost 1150 feet, offering several good reasons to drop by. People come here to enjoy some thrill rides on the top like Sky Jump, or Insanity and Big Shot. So, guys get ready to have a thrilling experience. Also, enjoying the outdoor deck offers some great views of the city.

5. The Mob Museum

The museum is also officially called the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. Visit this place that will remind you of the Wild-Wild-West seen in Hollywood movies. you can watch out for the museum’s exhibits. Admire the document the story of the Mob in the USA through technology. Make sure you go through all the exhibits portraying individuals, the fashion trends, and even the cultural events of the time.

6. Paris, Las Vegas

Paris is known to be the best place located near Las Vegas. If you get a chance to visit Paris, what would you ask more? come to this city to get mesmerized by the model of the Eiffel Tower. This tower makes up most of the Las Vegas pictures. You can find ‘Paris Opera House’ with the romantic Eiffel Tower restaurant. Enjoy each corner of the city. Go to the forty-sixth floor via a lift. Adore the views of the city just like you would have on the Eiffel Tower itself.

7. The Strip

The Strip is located almost a 3-kilometer long section that runs through the middle of Sin City. This site is a perfect location to visit if you don’t know where to go in Las Vegas, USA. This site is lined with luxury resorts, various theme places, grand restaurants, and jubilant casinos. You can enjoy the site which is even better than visiting the Strip at night.

8. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

This site is one of the best sites to visit where there are several guided tours available. Hop into Red Rock Canyon, which will take you far away from the lights and noise of the city. Come with loved ones to enjoy the serene 25-kilometer-long drive to the desert in the middle of nowhere. You can take a hike here or simply enjoy the Mojave desert adoring the red hills. 

9. The Neon Museum

This famous museum offers the brightest neon signs on the side of the streets. You can plan a trip to this homage to the city of Las Vegas. The site has always been the home of some museums. you can come here to see the effort to store, showcase, and refurbish these signs. The exhibits have been in use for years. Make sure you hire a good guide. You can learn the history of the signs displayed by the guide. Collect some of these pieces that are restored. Some are present here in their original condition. 

10. MGM Grand & CSI

The MGM Grand is one of the best Las Vegas attractions for adults. You can plan a trip here to MGM Grand which offers CSI: The Experience. Come here to test out your detective skills. You can go for participating in this simulated version of the popular TV series. Adore the Grand restaurant located along the beautiful pool in this resort is a sight for sore eyes.

11. Mandalay Bay Casino, Aquarium, and Beach

The towering gold building located at the southern end of the Strip is a great place to visit. This site boasts all the slots, poker, and game tables that you wish to win in a Sin City venue. There is a variety of restaurants and nightlife venues. Also, this site is home to the House of Blues Music Hall.

You can enjoy host to “Michael Jackson ONE,” which is the Cirque du Soleil’s tribute to the 80s pop icon. You can visit Mandalay Bay, however, doesn’t exude the same level of kitsch found at other casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard. This site is a major selling point for more laid-back travelers. Come here if you’re looking for an escape.

Also, watch out for one of the major highlights of Mandalay Bay. The bay is its 11-acre aquatic playground. You can enjoy yourself at the human-made beach. Adore the lazy river and wave pool. Collect various splendid scenes which create an oceanside atmosphere in the middle of the Nevada desert.

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12. The Mirage Casino and Volcano

The Mirage is one of the best places that has earned a reputation among frequent Vegas visitors. Come here to gamble along the Strip for high rollers and thrifty betters alike. You can also come here if you aren’t a gambler. There is a lot to watch in this casino.

You can visit Mirage which is its massive volcano. Open every night between 8 and 11 p.m., you can have the ground rumble and the human-made mountain spews fireballs sky-high. Also, watch out for an impressive show, free to enjoy. There is a lot to explore including the Mirage.

This site boasts several family-friendly attractions. You can find this hotel houses a 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. The hotel is located behind the check-in desk at the hotel.

Also, visit the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. The site also allows us to have a glimpse of a variety of big cats and to watch several friendly bottlenose dolphins.

13. The Venetian Casino and Grand Canal

The site offers the best place with a decent taste of Italy right in Vegas. You don’t have to spend the money to cross the Atlantic. This site is located along the Strip where the Venetian replicates the highlights of Venice. You can get a complete gondola ride along the Grand Canal.

There are lots of visitors who come here to get a taste of what life is like in the Queen of the Adriatic. The streets of Venetian’s Streetmosphere program await you all. You can adore singers, or stilt walkers and “living statues” that recreate the typical scene you’d likely encounter in the real Venice.

So, guys make a trip to this site to spend the day perusing the wares in the Grand Canal Shoppes. So, people who are traveling to Las Vegas, read this article to get acquainted with the places which are worth visiting. Visit Here to See 13 Top Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas.


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